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Creating a Suitable Domain Name

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A domain name is the address you type into a search engine, starting with ‘www’. A strong domain name counts in the wired world, because it acts as a calling card, a distinctive brand name, and can make your site easier to recall; thereby stimulating return visits.

Creating your domain name is the one area where, at least initially, all caution should be thrown to the winds. Brainstorm with friends, colleagues, and throw away the rulebook. This quirky, fun, and creative process can be invaluable.

Don’t be afraid of abstract words, or coining new words. Some of the world’s most popular websites, including Google and Amazon, have abstract domain names, whilst Cahoot is an example from the world of personal finance.

Semi-abstract invented words which evoke the world of their site can also be effective, such as “flickr”, which suggests the quick motion of a camera shutter.

Furthermore, always strive for stand-out uniqueness. In the highly competitive world of the commercialised web, a catchy name is essential and also assists in the area of search engine optimisation.

Once you have created your unique domain name, you will need to find a website hosting company which matches your online aspirations. Here at CWCS, an award-winning web hosting company with 10 year’s experience, we can help you with the process of registering your domain name, and get your new website off to a flying start. We can also advise on the most suitable website hosting package for your site.