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Cyber Security Services For Managed Secure Hosting

CWCS is a High-Security Hosting Company

Confidently put your trust in CWCS Managed Secure Hosting.
Security is paramount to everything we do and has been since 1999. Our ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that we protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all the information within our organisation.

Do you have sufficient trust in an external company to rely on their protection?

Security is integral to everything we do at CWCS. It has been ingrained into our culture for over twenty years, ensuring your information will always be in safe hands.

Do you worry your security might not be adequate?

We offer security solutions that comprehensively cover every aspect of your web activity, including network, server and website protection.

Are you worried about physical as well as cyber security?

It’s not just cyber-attacks that are a risk. We also take extensive measures robustly defending against physical security threats.

How We Make Our Managed Hosting Secure

We understand that security has to be a constant process, which is why we build it into the way we work across all our services. All staff at CWCS Managed Hosting take security extremely seriously. This includes the security of our data centres, public cloud, private clouds, dedicated servers, shared servers, software, infrastructure, buildings, information, equipment and, of course, the people who work for us.

ISO 27001
and Beyond

As an international benchmark of quality, our ISO 27001 certification confirms CWCS Managed Hosting is a company committed to security. It provides existing, new and future customers with the proven assurance that we operate to the very highest security standards.

However, our commitment to safe and secure hosting goes beyond ISO 27001. Security of our data centres, offices and everything in them is essential to the success of our business. That’s why we take it so seriously.

We offer security solutions in the following areas

If you are unsure about the optimum security measure for you and your business, let us help you understand your threats and explain how we will combat them. Our security experts will be able to guide you to the best protection your business needs.

1) Simply click the link below and provide us with your contact details.

2) We will call you back within two business hours and ask you some basic questions about your business, and your security needs.

3) Using that information, we will send you an easy-to-understand proposal and give you a call-back to go through it with you.

Secure your hosting with CWCS


A Trusted Managed Secure Hosting Company

We understand how important trust is for outsourcing your security because we know you need to guarantee that your data, information, applications and infrastructure are in safe hands.

Our customers rely on our knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly staff. We focus on the customer’s genuine business needs, using our expert understanding to deliver the best solution to safeguard against whatever threats they face. That’s how we’ve built high levels of trust and reputation over the years.

Physical and Cyber Security

As well as taking wide-ranging technical measures to keep our servers, data centres and software safe from cyber-attacks, CWCS Managed Hosting also has extensive physical security controls. We systematically examine the information security risks within our organisation and take account of all of the threats, vulnerabilities and possible effects.

This is all backed up with on-going processes to ensure the controls are adequate, maintained and effective. You can always be reassured that the data, websites, business applications and other information held on our cloud hosting infrastructure, shared servers and dedicated servers, are as secure as possible.

Our Team

As well as cutting edge technology, our team works to the highest security standards. We induct, train and reinforce security to all our employees at all levels, and it is an integral part of everyone’s day to day role.

It’s become ingrained in our company culture, and extensive protocols cover everything we do.