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Green Web Hosting

We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2030.

As a green web hosting company, we know that data centres require a tremendous amount of energy, which is why we are working hard to achieve carbon neutrality.

Green energy

CWCS energy usage is 100% offset by renewable energy.

Green-minded staff

Our team work together to make our workplace environmentally friendly and help our customers make green choices.

Green planet

We plant a tree for every server purchased, so you know you’re helping the planet with every purchase.

“As a hosting provider we are part of a power-hungry industry, and we feel it is our responsibility to limit the impact on the environment as much as we can. We are committed to taking a pro-active approach be carbon neutral by 2030.”
Karl Mendez

Managing Director


As a web hosting company, we know that data centres require a tremendous amount of energy, which is why we work hard to achieve carbon neutrality.

Try to imagine how many websites there are online… its billions. All this content is hosted on servers across data centres around the world.

From the comfort of your homes/offices, you sign up, pay and manage content digitally and never even step foot in a data centre instead they use a web host who takes care of everything for them.

Running these servers uses a lot of power. They need to be kept running in a cooled, controlled environment. So they require a large amount of energy and have a significant carbon dioxide (CO2) output. That makes them less than optimal for our environment.

In fact it uses so much power that UK data centres account for 12% of UK energy consumption and 3% of all global energy.

So how can hosting companies help?

Hosting companies should be making a commitment towards providing green hosting solutions for all their customers.

Green web hosting relates to web hosting companies that actively try to carry out eco-friendly initiatives to mitigate their impact on the environment.

Here’s how we help:

Renewable energy

To help protect our planet, CWCS is proud to have a REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) electricity supply, meaning that our power consumption is now 100% offset by renewable energy.

Recommending environmentally friendly products.

A cloud server uses 88% less power than a dedicated server. Where possible, our team help businesses make the environmentally-friendly choice of cloud hosting.

Recycling and Repurposing

We pledge to plant a tree for every new server purchased in 2022. By working with Just One Tree we promise to plant a tree to help offset our energy usage and to help make the world a greener place.

Taking it one step further:

Fighting climate change is an ongoing challenge which means taking everything one step further. Here is how we plan to make a difference in the future.


Achieve certifications such as ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management)

Renewable Energy

It’s estimated that data centres use 12% of the UK’s power to help combat this we aim to use 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Want to learn more

If you want to learn more about green hosting and the work that we do download our our brochure today