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Dedicated Server Backups

What is your backup plan?

Ensure uninterrupted business operations with CWCS’s dedicated server backups. Our solutions provide a robust, encrypted backup of your data and are tailored to meet your disaster recovery requirements.

Dedicated Server Backups

Loss of Vital Data


Breach of Compliance

Loss of Reputation

If you neglect to properly manage and safeguard your data, it could result in substantial losses, disruption to normal business activities and in some cases can be the end of a business.

We understand how critical it is to have your data backed up. With our dedicated server backup solutions, we provide complete protection for all your mission-critical data and we’ll configure your backups in an instant. Then, should the worst happen, we’ll get you back online quickly with minimal downtime.

Dedicated Server Backup Solutions

We use industry-leading R1Soft and Veeam backup solutions to provide a variety of image-based backup solutions, keeping your data completely safe. With the ability to restore an entire server image or individual files, we have the solution for you.


Schedule automatic backups and choose which files or data you want to be backed up, where you want your data to be stored and how frequently you require it. We can manage this for you, or if you prefer you can manage it yourself.

Continuous Data Protection

Control Panel Interface

Fast Recovery

Block-Based Backups

Secure Replication

Simple, Flexible & Reliable

Take the next steps to securing your data

1) Simply click the link below and provide us with your contact details.

2) We will call you back within two business hours, discuss your requirements, and send a proposal.

3) Once agreed, we will provision your backup space, and have you up and running in minutes.

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