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Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Servers for uncompromising Server performance

Available in the UK, US, and Canada, our Bare Metal Servers offer unparalleled performance and customisation for dedicated hosting, providing a single-tenant physical server for exclusive use.

Bare Metal Servers

Dedicated to You: Tailored Bare Metal servers

Discover bespoke Bare Metal servers at CWCS, designed specifically for your business needs. Enjoy unparalleled performance, reliability, and security, with the option of dedicated GPUs for enhanced processing power. Benefit from the flexibility to customise to your exact specifications.

Multi 10Gb Network

Giving You Peace of Mind with Bare Metal servers

Experience unparalleled speed, performance, and uptime with our Bare Metal servers. Ideal for those handling sensitive data, our Bare Metal servers provide an extra layer of security, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need for your critical operations.

24/7 Support

Leave the Technical Stuff to Us: We Are Here 24/7

Your business doesn’t operate on a strict 9-5 schedule, and neither do our bare metal server solutions. Our dedicated servers come with the assurance of 24/7 UK-based expert support, specifically tailored to manage the unique demands of bare metal infrastructure.

Discover Our Bare Metal Server Plans. First Month Free.

We offer both, Windows and Linux Bare Metal servers which meet the needs of any type of business. Focus your time and efforts on what you do best, and leave the rest to us – backed by a team of expert specialists who are by your side 24/7, through thick and thin.


From £69.00 Per Month
Intel Xeon
4 Cores / 4 Threads
RAID Storage
2 x 250GB SSD
2 x 1TB SATA
Unlimited Bandwidth
Windows / Linux


From £139.00 Per Month
Intel Xeon
6 Cores / 12 Threads
RAID Storage
2 x 250GB SSD
2 x 1TB SATA
Unlimited Bandwidth
Windows / Linux


From £219.00 Per Month
Intel Xeon
8 Cores / 16 Threads
RAID Storage
2 x 500GB SSD
4 x 1TB SATA
GPUs Available
Unlimited Bandwidth
Windows / Linux


From £339.00 Per Month
Intel Xeon
16 Cores / 32 Threads
RAID Storage
2 x 500GB SSD
4 x 1TB SATA
GPUs Available
Unlimited Bandwidth
Windows / Linux

Get you first month free. Terms and conditions apply.

Not sure what you need? No worries, our hosting specialists are here to help

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Cost Advantages of CWCS Bare Metal servers

Unparalleled Cost Efficiency
CWCS Bare Metal servers blend the robustness of dedicated resources with the economic flexibility of cloud services. Our competitive pricing, starting from £69.00 per month, includes powerful Intel Xeon processors and generous RAM allocations, ensuring your business gains high-end performance at a fraction of the cost.

Pay for Performance, Not Potential
With CWCS, you invest in performance, not just potential. Our bare metal solutions are tailored to your exact business requirements, meaning you pay for the resources you need, without the overhead of underutilized infrastructure.

Billing That Matches Your Business Rhythm
Our billing cycles are designed to match your business operations. Whether it’s predictable monthly fees or flexible pay-as-you-go options, you have the freedom to choose what works best for your financial planning, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.

Transparent and Predictable Costs
We provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. This transparency allows for better budgeting and financial forecasting, giving you control over your IT spending and avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

First Month Free: A Commitment to Your Success
As a gesture of our commitment to your business success, CWCS offers the first month free on dedicated server plans. Experience the power of bare metal with zero initial investment and see the difference it makes to your operations.

Performance Advantages of CWCS Bare Metal servers

Tailored High-Speed Performance
CWCS’s Bare Metal servers offer unparalleled performance by dedicating physical server resources exclusively to your business. With multi 10Gb network capabilities, experience rapid data transfer and reduced latency, ensuring that your critical applications run at peak efficiency.

Optimized for Your Workload
Each server is optimized to your specific performance needs, whether for web hosting, business applications, or extensive databases, delivering a level of power and responsiveness that shared resources cannot match.

Consistent Uptime and Reliability
Benefit from guaranteed uptime and consistent performance. Our Bare Metal servers are engineered to minimize downtime, maximizing your business continuity and productivity.

Full Control for Maximum Optimization
Gain full server access with the ability to customize and control every aspect of the server’s environment. This means you can fine-tune settings to achieve the optimal balance between performance and resource consumption for your particular use case.

24/7 Technical Support for Peak Operation
Rest easy knowing that our UK-based 24/7 technical support team is always on hand. This means any performance-related issues can be addressed promptly, ensuring your server operates at its best around the clock.

Bespoke Configuration of CWCS Bare Metal servers

Precision-Tailored Servers to Your Specifications
With CWCS Bare Metal servers, customization is at the forefront. You dictate the server’s hardware and software configurations, ensuring that your server is precision-tailored to your business needs, from the processor type to memory and storage solutions.

Full Root Access for Granular Control
We provide full root access, granting you the autonomy to install, configure, and manage all aspects of your server’s software. This granular control facilitates the optimization of server settings for your unique applications and workloads.

Diverse OS Compatibility for Flexibility
Whether you prefer Windows or Linux, our servers are compatible with a broad range of operating systems, giving you the flexibility to run your preferred environment and applications seamlessly.

Seamless Scaling to Grow with You
As your business evolves, so do your server needs. Our Bare Metal servers are designed to scale up effortlessly, allowing you to upgrade and expand resources without service interruptions or performance degradation.

Customization Backed by Expert Support
Our team of specialists is available 24/7 to guide you through the customization process. From hardware upgrades to software optimizations, we ensure your server is always configured for optimal performance.

Dedicated vs. Bare Metal servers: Key Differences

Provisioning Speed

Bare Metal servers from CWCS stand out for their rapid provisioning capabilities, contrasted with the traditional lead times associated with dedicated servers. Our cutting-edge automation allows for immediate resource deployment, adapting swiftly to your business needs.


Advanced Customization

Our bare metal solutions surpass conventional dedicated servers in customization. We offer the latest hardware specifications, including top-tier processors and ultra-fast NVMe SSDs, tailored precisely to your requirements.

The Low Cost Solution

Flexible Billing

Embrace our flexible billing model, which scales with your usage. Unlike fixed contracts typical of dedicated servers, CWCS Bare Metal servers offer cost-effective, on-demand scaling to match your fluctuating demands.


Enhanced Hardware

CWCS is proud to provide premium hardware options with our Bare Metal servers. From the latest Xeon processors to high-speed bandwidth connections, our servers are equipped to deliver superior performance.

Scalability and Control

With CWCS Bare Metal servers, you benefit from automated scalability, ensuring that your server’s capabilities can grow with your business in real time, a distinct advantage over the more static dedicated server solutions.

24/7 Support

Expert Support

Whether you choose an unmanaged server to wield full control or prefer our managed services for hassle-free operation, CWCS ensures that expert support is always available for both dedicated and bare metal server options.

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