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Internet Leased Line – Is it right for your business?

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How do you know if an Internet Leased Line is right for your business? With a standard broadband internet connection, the performance of your own organisation’s broadband (and your home broadband too) is dependent on the usage of those businesses and residents around you, because several users will be sharing the same line. The number of users sharing one line is known as the contention ratio. If the contention ratio for your connection is 20:1, for example, this means that one line is used by 20 premises. This means that if one of your neighbours has some heavy traffic to their premises, the speed and performance of your own connection will likely be impacted, and if this is your business internet connection, that’s potentially going to hinder the productivity of your business and staff members. Depending on the location of your business and your choice of internet provider, this could well be higher. In fact, even at a normal level of usage, standard broadband internet connections tend to be slower than the speed they were originally advertised at, purely due to the number of users sharing the line at any given time (especially at peak internet usage times).

There is another option for your internet connection, which is to consider an Internet Leased Line. An Internet Leased Line is essentially a fully dedicated internet connection – you are quite literally leasing a line that only serves your business, and nobody else. There are a number of benefits to this:

  • There are no contention restrictions because you are not sharing the line with anyone else, so you get a genuine guaranteed speed of connection, which matches that which was advertised to you, and you will not be affected by congestion at peak internet usage times.
  • You receive symmetric upload and download speeds, which is tremendously useful if your business has a requirement to transfer large amounts of data on a regular basis. It is perfect for uploading to the cloud, web hosting, streaming, sharing large data files and using VoIP, to name a few benefits.
  • With an Internet Leased Line, you can enjoy the very best of connectivity, and you can choose from speeds that match your business needs and budget. In addition, you know that the high speed of your connection will remain ever consistent and reliable, as the resources are not shared.
  • You would also benefit from ultra-low latency, providing minimal delays, meaning you can deliver and react to the market faster than your competitors can.
  • Internet leased lines at CWCS are also backed by a clearly stated SLA which means that regardless of the time of day or nature of the fault, both CWCS and our providers are available to help 24/7/365.

You can learn more about the internet leased lines that CWCS provide by downloading our data sheet here.

It is worth considering an internet leased line if you have a large number of employees, or if you use VoIP systems, or video calling. It is more secure and private than a shared line too so that is a real plus towards keeping yours and your customers data safe.

The main concern for any organisation considering an Internet Leased Line is the cost. Truthfully, it is more expensive than a standard internet connection. However, the costs involved for installation might not be as expensive as you think. This is because CWCS can offer extremely competitive rates for Internet Leased Lines and furthermore, we are now a supplier of the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. The UK Government introduced this excellent initiative in March 2018 as part of their wider commitment to a vision of a full fibre Britain. It means that businesses can claim up to £2,500 against the cost of connection for an Internet Leased Line. To learn more about this initiative and to find out whether your business is eligible, please click here.

If an Internet Leased Line sounds like it may be the best option for your business, please get in touch with us today so that we can find the best solution to meet your individual needs and answer any further questions you may have.