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How to make the best use of tech support

It’s almost inevitable that, during the course of setting up and running your website, you will need to contact your web hosting company’s technical support department for assistance.

Some of the problems you may experience are: you have forgotten how to access your control panel, you want to add or remove a mailbox, you’re concerned that your site may have been sabotaged by a hacker, your site seems to be “down” or you have stopped receiving emails.

All these and more are reasons for contacting the tech team, and here at web hosting company CWCS we are passionate about technical support, both by phone and email.

When first contacting tech support, try to define the problem as clearly as possible. Writing down the issue helps. The more specific you can be the better. “I can’t see my homepage” is a lot less useful than “Since 9.00am this morning I have been unable to reach my homepage on my home PC”.

Also, whilst picking up the phone and calling support is always tempting, emailing tech support is, except in urgent cases, probably better for you in the long run. Email gives you a chance to provide more details and attach any screen grabs. Furthermore, you get an instant “paper trail” in your inbox, including a case reference number, making it easier for both sides to monitor progress.

Emails are also useful should the case need to be looked at by another person in your company, and at CWCS we provide tech support by phone or email to ensure that your web hosting is always up to scratch.

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