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How will your servers fare in this week’s heatwave?

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Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the heat in the UK this week! Now, we all know the things we need to do to survive the heat – the water, the sun cream, the shade… but, do you know how to help your servers survive the heat?

Physical hardware will kick out a considerable amount of heat when it’s running at the best of times, stand close to a powered on server for long enough and you’ll see what we mean. When that same hardware is in soaring summer temperatures, at best you’ll experience considerable performance issues. And at worst, your expensive equipment could overheat altogether.

These are common complaints for hardware that is housed within a company’s own premises without the proper environmental considerations, which are very often overlooked. Many companies set up their servers in a room that has been far from custom made for the purpose. As well as not having the optimal temperature, these rooms are often dusty, unmonitored and have no power supply backup should anything go wrong, such as a power cut. Most offices are not manned with employees present 24 hours a day, and so the servers are being left to run overnight with nobody to attend to them should any urgent issues arise.

There are two solutions to the above. The first is to make drastic changes to your infrastructure, optimising the environment with expensive works and also employing 24 hour a day staff. Unless you’re a huge corporation, this is probably a less efficient way to achieve your optimum environment.

The second option, of course, is to use a reputable data centre to house your equipment in the best possible environment. Any customers who house their equipment with CWCS during this week’s heatwave (or indeed, at any other time) can rest easy in the knowledge that their equipment is kept at the optimum temperature using STULZ air conditioning. Specifically for mission critical applications, STULZ are a leading provider of temperature and humidity management technology.

The environment that we house your servers is constantly monitored, including constant monitoring of the temperature. Our data centres and physical hardware are monitored 24/7/365, with electronic and NFC door systems for authorised personnel only.

We also offer a N+1 Riello UPS redundant power supply, so that in the event of a component failure, CWCS have multiple power supply backup components that do not participate within the system during normal operations.

Our data centre also has a FM200 Fire suppression system, which is a waterless fire protection system, and is discharged in to the fire within 10 seconds, suppressing the risk immediately.

Last but not least, we also offer access to the data centre 24/7/365, for when remote KVM access isn’t appropriate, our data centre facilities and technical support are accessible 24/7/365.

There really is no replacement or equivalent to housing your equipment in a high specification data centre that has been purpose built for the job. Especially during this week’s heatwave, you can rely on CWCS to provide the ultimate hosting environment for your servers. As for looking after yourself, please make sure you’re stocked up on ice lollies and sun cream!

For more information on our colocation hosting or any of our products, please contact our friendly sales team today.