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Will Boris Johnson’s announcement mean a return from remote working

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Will Boris Johnson’s announcement mean a return from remote work, and how can you maximise productivity?

In the past few days, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that from the first of August, the country will begin to reopen. The work from home guidance will be stopped, public transport will become available to everyone, and control over lockdowns will be handed to local authorities. Whilst this may mean that less people will work from home, there is a high likelihood that people will continue to ply their trade in the comfort of their own house using services such as remote hosted desktops. There are several reasons that remote working will go on, and companies that offer remote services will continue to thrive with some simple steps.

It’s cheaper for businesses

Consider the expenses that a business has to spend over a month. There are your monthly wages for all of your employees, spending on supplies to sell the product itself, and finally any overheads that need to be paid for. One such overhead is rent, which can often be the biggest consistent expenditure that a business has to pay. It’s one key reason that a lot of businesses have struggled to keep going through this difficult time, as they’ve needed to pay rent on their business’ properties whilst their revenues have been lessened, or potentially completely eliminated.

However, some companies that have been able to keep going have seen their profits rise. By beginning to work remotely, businesses have been able to remove the cost of rent from their operations, and any company that has successfully kept their revenues consistent will have seen a great increase in their profit margins. Because of this, any company that can run on a remote basis should continue to. This will potentially keep millions working at home, in spite of the government’s advice.

Working from home is beneficial for employees

For many people, a big issue with going to work was fighting your way through a commute. Only to arrive at work just on time. Overall, the stress and time taken by your commute and work add up to that day being ruined.

By comparison, working from home can remove a lot of the stress associated with work. You’re able to get up later, and at the end of the day you’re already at home ready to relax. When working from home, employees are able to strike a much healthier work-life balance. A happier workforce is often a much more effective workforce, so where possible working from home is in everyone’s interests.

How can I better facilitate working from home?

As a business owner, it can often be difficult to know exactly what you need to do to maximise workplace efficiency, especially with a complex and constantly developing concept such as working from home. Without taking significant steps towards getting your business in the best shape possible, your business will be in a poor condition for long term remote working. Here are some of the simpler steps you can take to making remote employees work best for you.

Use a Windows Remote Hosted Desktop

Remote Hosted Desktops, otherwise known as Virtual Desktops, are one of the most effective ways of getting your business fully operational whilst working remotely. By using this platform, you can ensure more reliable data transfers between parts of your business, and effective file storage for all of your company’s important documentation. Your business can transfer data and files between individual employees, allowing for co-workers to work together where they might otherwise need to email each other partially completed forms and files. A well set up a Remote Hosted Desktop you can streamline your company’s processes, and often improve your efficiency beyond what you could often have in an office.

Effective messaging apps

One real worry about working from home is that of social isolation. If employees aren’t going out to work, then that’s a significant part of their weekly social interaction gone. In this case, you run a very real risk of your employees feeling isolated and alone, causing them to become much less effective than they could be. With the use of messaging apps, you can encourage a greater level of conversation between your employees than ever before, and your workers can stay just as connected with each other as ever before. Your workplace can become more connected than ever whilst being physically further away than at any other time in your organisation’s history.

Should I keep working from home?

Although this varies significantly from business to business, continuing to work from home is highly recommended. If you’re able to, working from home is a great way of saving your company money whilst keeping your employees at their most effective. However, this can only be done with an effective digital infrastructure, including Virtual Desktop hosting. If you’re interested in improving your capacity in working from home, get in touch with us today.