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Is your dedicated server safe?

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A dedicated server is a hosting solution in which physical server/s are dedicated to a single business. Having full server access gives you complete control, so you can optimise it for your unique requirements, including performance and security. 

A dedicated server guarantees performance and uptime that shared resources can’t compete against. And, for those dealing with sensitive data, having a dedicated resource provides additional peace of mind.

But this doesn’t mean that ongoing cybersecurity can be neglected. 

With remote working becoming the norm for so many businesses across the UK the number of entry points to networks has increased making cyber security a concern. So, we’ve put together some top tips which you can start implementing immediately for your dedicated server security. 

Regularly test server security 

Scan your servers for any vulnerabilities. Identify any weaknesses and create a strategy to resolve any issues before they are exploited. With so many amazing products out there to assist you, it’s easy to perform these checks, if you want to know more talk to one of our experts they are ready to help.

Create strong passwords 

Everyone in your business needs to be using strong passwords. A few tips for strong passwords are: 

  • Create passwords longer than 12 characters 
  • Employ a mixture of numbers and letters, both upper and lowercase 
  • String together several random words and numbers rather than single words 
  • Create a different password for each account 
  • Use a password manager to store passwords securely

Firewall protection 

Firewalls are a hardware or software system that essentially works as a wall or gateway between two or more networks, permitting authorised traffic and blocking unauthorised and/or malicious traffic accessing your network or system. Creating a wall between them.

The type of hosting you have can affect the type of firewall that you use. For managed dedicated server security we recommend that you use a Cisco threat-focused NextGen Managed Firewall (NGFW) and for those with cloud hosting we recommend the CWCS ArcusWall.

Updates and patches 

In 2019, outdated infrastructure accounted for 81% of all IT vulnerabilities. Businesses need to keep their hardware up to date to protect against the latest security threats. Installing patches to fix security flaws as soon as they are available is the easiest way to maintain strong server security. 

Encrypt your server data  

Encrypted discs mean that even if your data is stolen, the data is unreadable therefore making it useless.

The ICO describes it as encrypting personal data whilst it is being transferred from one device to another (eg across the internet or over wired or wireless connections) provides effective protection against interception of the communication by a third party whilst the data is in transfer.

Data backups

Data is the most crucial business asset, for your organisation. Without order details, product information and customer data, you can’t give your customers the service they deserve.

Neglecting to properly manage and safeguard your data, could result in substantial losses, disruption to normal business activities and in the worse cases can close a business.