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Hosting trends for 2022 – the top three

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 It’s 2022 and we’re taking a look at three big hosting trends for the hosting industry for the next year. 

Trend 1: Green Hosting

Try to imagine how many websites there are online… it’s billions. All this content is hosted on servers across data centres around the world.

From the comfort of your homes/offices, you sign up, pay and manage content digitally and never even step foot in a data centre instead they use a web host who takes care of everything for them.

Running these servers uses a lot of power. They need to be kept running in a cooled, controlled environment. So they require a large amount of energy and have a significant carbon dioxide (CO2) output. That makes them less than optimal for our environment.

It uses so much power that UK data centres account for 12% of UK energy consumption and 3% of all global energy.

Today, web hosting services have started investing in carbon offsetting schemes. They have started actively participating in the eco-friendly environment as this decreases negative impacts on the environment. For example, at CWCS we are part of the REGO scheme which offsets our energy usage. 

Trend 2: Cloud 

2022 is the year of the cloud. More and more people are switching to cloud hosting services. Unlike dedicated servers cloud hosting doesn’t have a physical server. It relies on a cluster of servers that work together. Later it gives access with the help of a network connection like the Internet giving it endless processing power and storage space. 

Because your data is stored across several virtual servers you are less at risk of downtime and data loss. Making cloud hosting scalable as well as reliable.

Investing in cloud hosting allows businesses to provide a central repository for all their data, communication, and processing. So employees can work from any remote location, using any internet-connected device. And, these cloud-based servers provide virtual resources that are available 24/7.

Trend 3: Security

Between January 2017 and March 2018 1.9 billion records of personal data that were compromised. So web hosting providers are now putting more emphasis on security protocols.

Offering user privacy protection is now more crucial than ever among web hosting providers. A powerful web hosting solution must be able to provide the extra tools to protect the personal information of customers. Hosting security protocols, such as compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, the standard SSL certification, and encrypted data storage, are now more pervasive.

Get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss the new hosting trends and how they can benefit you.