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Get your site mobile ready for Black Friday

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In 2022, 46% of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers intend to make their purchases online only, giving eCommerce stores more motivation to get ready for Black Friday.  

But it’s not only whether your customers are more likely to buy online or in-store. You also need to look at what devices they use to make their purchases.  

In 2018, mobile orders outnumbered traditional computer online orders for the first time, and since then, it’s become more popular. So much so that your mobile optimisation impacts your page ranking. 

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to work on your mobile optimisation. Here are a few tips you can use to get your site mobile ready: 

Make it easy to navigate. 

Imagine your customer; what information do they want to see first? It’s most likely to be some information about what you sell. Then you need to provide them with a clear next step. Buttons are a great way to lead your customer to their desired page. 

Additionally, ensure you have a straightforward and easy-to-use menu that people can easily access. 

You should be able to navigate the site using just your thumb or index finger. It needs to be optimised if users have to scroll sideways around the site or pinch to zoom in to click things on their mobile.

Never use pop-ups on a mobile site. They’re annoying at best and, at worst, can block your customer from making a purchase. If a barrier on your site stops them from completing their purchase, they will go elsewhere.

Make sure that the content on a mobile device is short, eye-catching and uncluttered. Mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens, so adding long product descriptions or too many images will make the site easier to use. The clutter and business of your site will lead to frustration for your users, who will click off and go elsewhere. 

Make it easy to pay

Another way to boost your sales is to enable your store to accept guest checkouts. Nothing turns off a mobile user more than having to fill out lengthy forms for registration details and click back and forth on email verification emails. 

Additionally, you can add Apple pay, Google Pay and Paypal as quick purchase options. Your customers will already have these installed on their phones with their details pre-filled in.

Make it easy to continue shopping.

A popular technique amongst online stores is to add a “customers who bought this also bought…” section either on the product page or checkout page when the customer has clicked through to buy the item. It’s an effective way to start crosselling and upselling to customers. Like when you pick up that extra chocolate bar on the product shelves that line the queueing sections at the tills of your local supermarket. The benefit of doing this on the mobile store is that you can tailor those products to match the other products the customer has added to their cart. For example, if the customer has added wrapping paper and sticky tape to their cart, the products they see might be gift ribbons, bows or nametags.

Make it easy for them to get in touch

Make sure it’s easy for customers to contact you if they need support. Online shoppers want problems sorted quickly. With the majority over them expecting instant replies if they contact you. Make sure your phone number is easily visible on your page, and consider installing a mobile-friendly chatbot so that customers can get assistance with their purchase there and then.


Talk to your hosting provider about what measures they have to help you manage your mobile sites hosting.

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