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Boost Your Digital Transformation Strategy with These Key Stats

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How do you boost your digital transformation strategy in 2023? How important would you say your website is for your business? Do you rely on it to generate business leads? If your website is important to you, then so should be UX and other key website factors. Did you know that slow image loading times can cause 39% of users to abandon a website? So, if your website is not performing very well, you can be sure that it is sending them straight to your competitors.

You can find more stats like these in the infographic below. Another stat that might surprise you is that you have on average just 10 seconds to impress your visitors. That really does not give you much chance to get across enough information to persuade visitors to do business with you. Therefore, you need to make sure that what visitors see of your website in those 10 seconds is high quality and effective content.

The design aspect of your website is crucial, and to see that 59% of people prefer a beautifully designed website is no real surprise. Therefore, you should be thinking about those people when you decide on key design elements of your website and should be ensuring that it makes the grade.

86% of visitors want information about products and services, so website content should give enough information to satisfy the end users’ requirements. The better the quality of the information, the more likely a person is to choose your business because they have found out that your product/services match their needs.

Finally, 94% of people won’t trust an outdated website, putting a huge onus on investing the time to review your website at regular intervals and update information as and when necessary.