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Dedicated Server FAQs


Dedicated servers can be a little confusing, and at CWCS, our mission is to make things simpler. So we’ve taken the questions we frequently get asked about dedicated servers and answered them for you in this handy dedicated server FAQs blog.

What is a dedicated server? 

dedicated server is a hosting solution where a physical server or servers are dedicated to a single business. 

Having full server access gives you complete control to optimise it for your unique requirements, including performance and security. We will provide you with the server, the associated services and UK based 24/7 technical support.

It guarantees performance and uptime that shared resources can’t compete with. 

They are highly customisable to allow you to choose a server that fully suits your commercial and technical needs. And, for businesses dealing with sensitive data, having a dedicated resource provides additional peace of mind.

How does dedicated server hosting differ from shared hosting?

You’re just renting a part of a server with shared hosting, but you have dedicated hosting access to the entire server.

Think of it as an apartment building. Multiple tenants living in the same building and share resources like water and electricity with shared hosting. But with dedicated servers, it is the same as owning the entire building. 

So instead of sharing resources with hundreds of other businesses, you have an entire server of resources for yourselves. 

It is also why dedicated hosting is typically a much more expensive option.

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a cloud server?

A dedicated server is based on physical hardware, whereas a cloud server is a virtualised server which sits within a virtual environment. 

Cloud servers can be quicker to deploy, easier to upgrade, and have higher availability. They are flexible and scalable, with the option to add additional resources at a moment’s notice.

What are the advantages of having a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers offer guaranteed performance and reliability at fixed monthly costs, making them one of the most cost-efficient hosting options for SMEs. 

Other advantages of dedicated servers include:

  • Total control over server configuration, from OS and software optimisation to root-level and admin access.
  • Guaranteed performance as there are no shared resources.
  • High performance, even during intensive workloads.
  • Ability to configure an array of dedicated servers for high availability or performance.

Should I install a control panel on my server?

Control panels streamline processes such as creating databases, managing website files and setting up email accounts and automatic responses, which helps you manage websites and hosting accounts.

They give you complete control over a wide range of functions and allow you to customise your web hosting to suit your needs. We recommend installing either Plesk or cPanel control panels on your dedicated server. Both are fast, stable and secure, but which operating system you use impacts which control panel you need. 

We hope that these dedicated server FAQs helped you find the information you need but if there is anything else you want to know just visit our dedicated server page or contact one of our experts.