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Create Value By Adding Hosting To Your Web Design Agency

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In today’s competitive market it is vital for web design agencies, especially those offering a wide range of marketing services, to define their USP’s in order to stand out from the crowd. However, a lot of businesses are leaning more toward an approach where they act as a trusted partner and advisor to their clients, which in turn builds and strengthens long-term working relationships.

Often clients can be unsure about the hosting solution most suitable for them, expecting the web design agency to either provide the service themselves, or at least be able to advise on a potential solution.

By partnering with a hosting company, it enables your web design business to act as a middleman, finding the right solution for your clients whilst relying on the hosting partner to provide the necessary information and expertise to support the offering.

As an agency, your strengths will lie in your core services and once you’ve built that trust with your clients will then rely on your expertise when it comes to other services.

It is good to outline what the client would be responsible for if they decide to manage the hosting themselves. This could include; research, finding a new supplier, a level of technical ability, managing the systems and software themselves – as well as troubleshooting at the drop of a hat.

Instead of your clients going away with their new website only to have to go back to the market to then find another supplier, it makes sense for agencies to encompass hosting into their services.

Let’s take a look at the primary benefits for hosting your client’s sites…

Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue has at times been described as the ‘’life-blood’’ of a web design business.

Web design agencies can earn recurring revenue from 3 primary sources: marketing, maintenance and hosting. So, it’s a wonder why freelancers and agencies still miss a trick when it comes to adding hosting their repertoire.

The client has already put their trust in you to create their dream website – why then go through another process of finding a hosting provider and having the headache of market research and tender processes etc.

Once they have established a rapport and relationship with you or your agency, it makes sense for them to continue the working relationship by making use of the other services your business offers.

Just envision the positive knock-on effects of having a monthly recurring revenue from your clients. Agencies who partner with a hosting provider benefit from additional income which allows your agency to scale and grow with the peace of mind of more financial security.

Up-sell Opportunities

Creating a recurring revenue stream by implementing hosting adds another string to your bow and enabling you create more relevant touch points with your clients. In turn, they are more likely to come back to your business when future services are required.

When launching a new business and starting a new website, clients often try to save money and take on more responsibilities than they can necessarily handle. Whether this is their marketing, SEO or maintenance, they may want to keep these in-house to begin with. However, as their business grows, or they realise that outsourcing the work is more convenient, then you are already on their radar when it comes to looking for these services. 

Customer Service

Once your client has launched their website, they are likely to still come to you for support and advice if something isn’t working quite right. For example, if they have chosen a hosting provider outside of your services, then start experiencing downtime or slow loading, they may come to you looking for a solution.

As their website designer, you then face the option of not assisting or advising and leaving the client disgruntled, or you have to take it on the chin and dedicate some free time to helping them resolve the issues. You definitely don’t want to end up in the ‘’scope creep’’ trap – committing time and energy to tasks which actually fall outside of your responsibilities.

Ultimately, if you can’t be seen to offer some sort of remedy the client may hold you responsible. That’s why it makes sense to offer hosting where you have the support and expertise of industry professionals who can troubleshoot for you. You may as well be getting a monetary reward for the work you are putting in.

Hopefully now you can see the added value of including hosting to your web design services.

Let’s recap on the key benefits:

  • Offer an additional service to your clients
  • Create relevant and valuable touchpoints
  • Develop a monthly recurring revenue
  • Create meaningful partnerships with your clients
  • Clients will be more likely to use you for other services
  • Helps your agency scale and grow
  • Clients will see you as a trusted provider who can advise them on their requirements
  • Account management and technical support from your hosting provider
  • Makes your clients journey more seamless
  • Hosting can become an integral part of your business offering ensuring long-term client relationships

Make the change today and speak with us about how a partnership with CWCS Managed Hosting can elevate your offerings and help you grow your revenue and business!

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