Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

What is Cloud Server Hosting?

CWCS has taken the very best in Cloud technology and applied it to our Supreme Cloud. Coupled with our expertise and passion for Cloud Hosting, our servers allow businesses to achieve great things.

The Supreme Cloud is extremely flexible and cost effective, and it combines high performance and reliability with data security for the best in web hosting.

All of our Cloud Hosting solutions help businesses achieve brilliant things. The high performance solutions and our management enables our customers to concentrate on their business – they are able to grow their business and achieve great things!

Whether you’re looking for a public, hybrid or private cloud, we are on hand to help you make the right decision.

Supreme Cloud

  • Cost-effective, high performance solution
  • Flexible and scalable resources
  • Secure, virtual environment

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Hybrid Cloud

  • Extremely powerful solution
  • Flexible and scalable resources
  • High availability and redundancy

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Private Cloud

  • Resources dedicated to you
  • Custom private cloud design
  • The ultimate hosting solution!

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Why choose CWCS?

Not all Clouds are the same! In fact, many are just Virtual Private Servers, without the added benefits of zero-points of failure, full redundancy or enterprise-grade hardware as standard. Our Cloud uses the best technology and management know-how to ensure you benefit from a true Cloud platform.

Our Cloud Hosting solutions are fully managed by us. We will ensure your software is up-to-date, protecting you against the latest security issues. Here’s why our Supreme Cloud is awesome!

Unlike some other providers:

  • Our Cloud Servers are truly virtualised, fully scalable and flexible for mission critical websites and applications.
  • Your data is in safe hands. CWCS is ISO 27001 certified and we have multiple virtual and physical security measures in place.
  • Our support team are on hand 24/7/365 in case you need us.
  • We love speed and that’s why our Managed Cloud is powered by super-fast SSDs. With no moving parts, SSDs provide ultimate performance and significantly increase reliability.

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Cloud Hosting is a great choice for any business that absolutely needs hosting that is both reliable and flexible. You will benefit from:

  • A public Cloud infrastructure powered by SSDs on EMC hardware to provide a high level of durability and improved performance.
  • The latest and most intelligent VMware software, self-healing and self-aware ensuring consistent service.
  • A load balanced Cloud is extremely robust and flexible, increasing the reliability even as your website grows.
  • Support packages available to provide 24/7/365 management and monitoring of your server and website, allowing you to concentrate on your business.
  • Optimum performance as the Cloud monitors resource usage and distributes the load across the physical HP servers.
  • In short, you can have full confidence that your servers and your website will be online 24/7/365, giving you ultimate performance.

Choice of Platforms

Our Cloud Servers are available on the latest Windows platform and many Linux flavours including the latest CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and RedHat Enterprise. For Linux Cloud Servers our choice of control panels include Plesk and cPanel, allowing you to customise the server to your business’ precise needs.

If you have any questions about our cloud server solutions, contact our Supreme team now.

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CWCS success stories

We have a selection of case studies about cloud hosting, colocation, dedicated server hosting and our managed hosting services.

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Put Your Servers In Safe Hands With Our Supreme Hosting

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Secure Hosting: CWCS is ISO 27001 Certified

iso 27001 certified

We are a Secure Hosting provider. Our ISO 27001 certification applies to all areas of our business, and gives you assurance that we keep your information secure, intact, and only available to those authorised to see it.

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