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“Speed Increases up to 200%” – CWCS Supreme Cloud Delivers Fast, Reliable, Secure Enterprise-Class Cloud Hosting

Over the past few weeks, CWCS engineers have been installing a new, redesigned cloud system. Based in our purpose-built Data Centre, we call it the CWCS Supreme Cloud.

Not only have we reengineered our cloud, we’ve also implemented a major upgrade to the hardware.

The results? If you use a CWCS cloud server, you’ll notice a real boost to performance, security and reliability. And at the same time, we’ve reduced the costs of storage, and cut our prices.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

Powered by VMware, the Supreme Cloud uses the very latest technology. We worked closely with our partners, including EMC, HP and Cisco to build a powerful, high-performance and leading-edge system.
The Supreme Cloud has been a significant investment for CWCS Managed Hosting. However, we now have a truly enterprise-class solution.

Improved Reliability

The Supreme Cloud has multiple hypervisors and multiple storage, providing much more robust failover than our previous system.

During testing, as well as systematically and meticulously going through a comprehensive range of checks, we also pulled out some plugs and disconnected things to see what would happen. Everything works perfectly!

Increased Speed

The Supreme Cloud is fast. It uses enterprise-class SSD accelerated storage and our tests have shown speed increases up to 200%

Reduced Prices

Due to the expansion of our new storage platform, we are able to reduce the cost of storage space, so scaling up will be cheaper for you. At the same time we have held the prices of our support and control panel options, although we have had to increase the price of memory (the price changes will not affect current contracted resources and rates).

High Security

Enhanced encryption, coupled with our ISO 27001 certification, means we offer one of the most secure public clouds in the industry.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology, although no longer in its infancy, is developing rapidly. Cloud Hosting will play a major role in the future of our company. It’s a key part of our business strategy. And we hope it will be part of yours as well.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact a CWCS hosting consultant on 0115  740  1234 or email