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R1Soft Gold Partnership

We are proud to announce we have become a Gold partner with R1 Soft as we aim to deliver maximum data protection with offsite backups. R1 Soft have released this statement to cement the ongoing relationship between themselves and CWCS Managed Hosting.

CWCS Managed Hosting, an award-winning UK-based provider, today announced plans to offer fully-managed and self-managed offsite backups featuring R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) technology for Windows and Linux.

R1Soft CDP software is unique in its ability to bypass the file system, read data at the sector level, and create point-in-time images. By only recording changes since the last backup during disk sector synchronization, there is no interruption to current server requests.

Flexible and robust, R1Soft CDP backups can be instantly deployed, securing CWCS clients’ critical data in secure, offsite backups. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, R1Soft’s high-performance data recovery technology, Bare-Metal Restore (BMR), omits the OS reinstallation step to rapidly restore large file systems. Users will also benefit from the convenience of single file restores that can be performed simultaneously.

For CWCS clients who prefer autonomous backups, a user-friendly Web interface lets end-users browse their backups to download replicated files as an archive or restore from them on demand.

“Client data protection is paramount to CWCS, which is why we chose a reputable and demonstrably reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. R1Soft’s ongoing technical support is also of great importance, helping CWCS to ensure a smooth backup system implementation and client assistance,” said Karl Mendez, chief executive officer of CWCS Managed Hosting.

CDP backups will be included as an add-on backup service for managed hosting. For more information on CWCS offsite backups, please visit

“As CWCS has found, R1Soft CDP is the answer to any company’s remote backup needs. The software is built to be a complete performance and recovery system as it efficiently stores unique disk blocks only once, minimizing storage bandwidth usage,” said Domingo Martinez, global marketing manager for R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies.