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New Managed Hosting Case Study: Red Evolution and CWCS

Web design company, Red Evolution has been a customer of CWCS Managed Hosting since 2012. Over time, its hosting needs has changed and grown along with the company. CWCS Managed Hosting has facilitated this growth, through providing reliable and efficient hosting.

The Aberdeen based company originally chose CWCS to provide a Linux reseller solution. This has since evolved into an additional dedicated server and various other hosting solutions, eliminating possible stresses and time consuming maintenance.

Dave Robinson, Founder of Red Evolution explains,

“Working with CWCS Managed Hosting allows us to concentrate on what we do best, knowing our servers are in safe hands.”

When searching for a new hosting provider, Red Evolution wanted to find a dependable partner to deliver peace of mind and that’s exactly what they found.

To learn more about Red Evolution’s partnership with CWCS Managed Hosting, read the full managed hosting case study here.