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CWCS Offers Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth) on Cloud Servers

CWCS Managed Hosting is offering all its cloud server packages with unlimited data transfer (often referred to as bandwidth). This not only lowers the costs of CWCS cloud servers, it also means customers will no longer pay more if, for example, their website traffic unexpectedly increases.

By choosing CWCS Managed Hosting, customers get fast, reliable and secure hosting with high quality technical support 24/7/365. CWCS cloud servers are now even more cost-effective because the removal of data transfer charges has lowered the prices, while at the same time removing any worry or concern about going over a particular limit or quota.

Karl Mendez, Managing Director at CWCS commented “Not only does unlimited data transfer lower costs for anyone using our cloud servers, it takes away the worry if, for example, there’s a sudden increase in a customer’s website traffic.”

Currently, not many UK cloud hosting providers offer unlimited data transfer. Asked why CWCS is offering it, Mendez replied,

“CWCS is one of the first UK hosting companies to offer cloud servers with unlimited data transfer because, not only does it offer increased value to our clients, but it also takes away any concerns about higher costs associated with increased traffic. And as one of the UK’s leading cloud hosting specialists, we like to stay ahead of our competition!”

In recent years, CWCS has invested heavily in its cloud infrastructure. It has a policy of continuous improvement and regularly adds more resources, equipment and facilities to increase performance and capacity.

Unlimited data transfer is a big promise to make, so how can CWCS provide it?

Mendez continued, “We can offer unlimited bandwidth because we run, manage and operate our own data centres. We’ve set up our own cloud infrastructure and we’ve invested significant amounts in our resources. We use high specification equipment and servers and we have deliberately built in a high amount of spare capacity. In addition, unlike some other hosting companies, we never oversell (which means we never offer capacity that we don’t actually have). So basically we can offer unlimited data transfer without affecting performance”.

Unlimited data transfer is available on CWCS Managed Hosting’s recommended cloud server plans, as well as any cloud servers that clients have configured themselves and ordered online using CWCS’s cloud server configuration tool. It also includes cloud servers ordered direct from CWCS via one of the company’s hosting consultants. It is subject to fair and acceptable usage so activities such as spamming, illegal file sharing, disproportionate or excessive use of resources for example are not allowed.

CWCS cloud servers are reliable, flexible, convenient and cost-effective. The company offers a wide range of Linux and Windows specifications, and all their cloud services are delivered from their UK data centres.

As one of the UKs leading managed cloud hosting specialists, CWCS provides a range of packages, plans and prices to suit just about every type of businesses and budget. Cloud server plans start from just £19 per month.

CWCS also offers private cloud hosting, hybrid cloud hosting, dedicated servers and colocation services.

About CWCS

CWCS Managed Hosting specialises in business and enterprise-level cloud hosting, dedicated servers and colocation hosting services. Established in 1999, the company operates from two highly secure UK data centres, as well as having data centre facilities in the US and Canada. With thousands of customers worldwide, CWCS works hard to provide the best solutions, service and support to its clients. The company is accredited to the globally recognised security standard ISO 27001.

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