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CWCS Launches Premium Cloud Web Hosting

CWCS Managed Hosting has expanded its cloud hosting services with the launch of Premium Cloud Web Hosting, a fully managed yet affordable cloud platform for businesses looking to take the hassle out of running a website.

Cloud Hosting already plays a major role in our company’s growth strategy and we are delighted to introduce a new managed cloud solution as organisations increasingly turn to managed hosting providers to handle parts of their hosting needs.

Effortless Management

We pride ourselves in being seen as your trusted hosting provider. We are equipped to deliver cloud web hosting as a service and not simply as a piece of technology.

Our managed hosting solution will give you the performance, scalability and guaranteed uptime required while reducing the complexities associated with hosting. We will handle all aspects of maintenance, including essential security updates, hardware and operating system updates and server administration.

Cloud Web Hosting Benefits

You will benefit from a truly managed cloud platform with no single point of failure, along with allocated resources to suit your company’s individual website, mailbox, memory, storage and bandwidth requirements. We have high-specification and ISO accredited data centres too, which mean your websites will experience exceptional speed, performance and reliability.

Other key features include SSD Premium Storage for fast and reliable performance, load balanced and failover infrastructure for mission critical hosting, and 24/7 responsive UK technical support. Additionally, there is a simple web-based control panel for users – regardless of their experience or programming knowledge – to manage and upload content to their website at any time and place. The one click install feature also allows over 120 website applications, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla, to be installed and integrated with the hosting package with minimum effort.

Premium Plans for Premium Websites

We have three cloud website hosting plans, each at a low, fixed monthly fee. SupremeLITE is great for smaller websites and blogs, SupremePRO is ideal for e-commerce websites or high traffic sites and blogs, and SupremeMAX is dedicated to supporting mission-critical websites and online retailers with high transaction volumes.

You can read more about our Premium Cloud Web Hosting here. You can also contact our friendly, knowledgeable hosting consultants on 0115 740 1234 or by emailing