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CWCS Managed Hosting Announces Generous New Discount Structure for Charitable Organisations

CWCS Managed Hosting has formally announced a generous new discount structure for registered charities. The company, which has wide range of charitable organisations as customers, is offering major discounts on its web hosting plans, cloud servers, dedicated servers, colocation, managed hosting and support services.

Although CWCS has provided reduced-cost and discounted hosting for charities for a number of years, it has been on a case-by-case basis. Now the company has a defined discount structure open to all organisations that can provide proof of their charitable status.

Fast, reliable and secure hosting and increased operational efficiency through IT is important to nearly all sectors. The charity sector is no different; it has to make every penny count and CWCS Managed Hosting can provide cost-effective solutions for organisations large and small. For example, charities with limited in-house IT expertise or resources can benefit from CWCS’s fully comprehensive  managed hosting and support for services. Larger organisations, which may require resource-hungry applications such as membership management software, funding or donation systems may benefit from CWCS’s enterprise-class public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

Because CWCS Managed Hosting owns, manages and operates its data centres and the infrastructure within them, it will provide bespoke solutions tailored to the precise needs of its customers meaning charities get the most suitable solution. It delivers flexible, reliable, high-performance hosting with high uptime and availability. The company focusses on providing great quality customer service and technical support and has staff on site at its data centres around the clock, every day of the year. Security is also a top priority and CWCS Managed Hosting is an ISO 27001 certified hosting company.

CWCS Managed Hosting has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility. As well as supporting charities through discounted hosting, it also nominates and supports selected charities each year through staff fund raising events, as well as through direct donations.

To be eligible for CWCS’s discounted hosting services for charities, UK organisations must be registered with the relevant charity commission and be able to provide a bone-fide charity registration number. Organisations from outside the UK will need to provide accepted proof of charitable status.

Not-for-profit organisation that are not registered charities may also be eligible for  discounted hosting services – please contact CWCS Managed Hosting for more information.