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CWCS Launches Ultra-Strength Cloud Firewall

CWCS Managed Hosting has launched a new cloud firewall – the CWCS ArcusWall. This is an ultra-strength, flexible firewall solution that we will customise to individual customer needs.

As cloud hosting increases in popularity, so does the importance of robust security.

CWCS takes security extremely seriously. We are an ISO 27001 accredited managed hosting company and have extensive measures, processes and procedures in place to protect our data centres, infrastructure, systems and information.

To provide an additional layer of protection for our cloud hosting customers, CWCS Managed Hosting has launched a new, ultra-strength cloud firewall. We call it the CWCS ArcusWall. This exciting new product in the CWCS range delivers corporate-level protection, with an entry-level price tag.

The CWCS ArcusWall is suitable for all sizes of business using CWCS cloud servers or cloud infrastructure. Like nearly all CWCS solutions, we will make sure it fits your business requirements and tailor it to your  individual needs. We’ll get it set up, configured, and manage and support the CWCS ArcusWall firewall while ensuring it is seamlessly integrated into existing security systems. Above all, we will make sure the additional levels of protection delivered by the ArcusWall keeps the data held in your cloud system incredibly secure.

Karl Mendez, CEO at CWCS commented, When developing CWCS ArcusWall we focused on a solution that offers additional, tailored levels of defence and extremely robust protection. We will set up the firewall around the needs of each customer. This tailored approach helps increase the individual security of customer’s data and cloud systems even further.

“Like all CWCS Managed Hosting solutions, we aim to provide the levels of services appropriate to our customers business needs. The CWCS ArcusWall is easy to use, but we have different levels of support available. We can look after just about as much or as little as you require, with the additional peace of mind that we have technicians onsite running our data centres 24/7/365.”

To find out more about the CWCS ArcusWall, please contact CWCS, or see our ArcusWall information page.