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CWCS Launches New Cloud Server Configuration Tool

CWCS Managed Hosting has launched a new online Cloud Server Configuration Tool which allows users to create a cloud server to the specification of their choice, and then purchase the product online.

Since we launched our cloud hosting services back in April 2011, we’ve seen a continuing increase in demand for our cloud servers.
We’ve offered a number of standard packages, but we realise that for many clients, flexibility is key.
That’s because CWCS customers use our cloud servers for a whole range of different reasons – from testing environments to enterprise applications.

So, as well as offering pre-configured cloud servers, you can now create your own with our new, easy to use online tool.
Or you can choose one of our pre-configured packages, and then quickly adjust it to suit your precise needs.
And once you’ve customised the product to your requirements, you can buy cloud servers online straight away!

The new CWCS Cloud Server Configuration tool is really flexible and lets you choose from Windows or Linux operating systems,
the amount of RAM and SAN Storage you need, the number of vCPU’s, Bandwidth, type of control panel, number of IP addresses
(we give you one free) and level of support you need – from self-managed to Platinum level.

We’ve added some detailed ‘tooltip’ information to explain each cloud server feature.
And of course if you need any guidance or advice, just get in touch with our cloud server specialists.