With web hosting you get what you pay for

Friday 24 July 2009

We have all seen the advertisements that offer web hosting for free and we look with longing at that word; free. Everyone wants to get something for free, that is a natural reaction and even more so in the current economic climate when money is tighter than ever. When we talk about free web hosting though, we have to look at the actual price tag that comes with free. The saying holds true with free web hosting; you are only going to get what you pay for. There are instances where free web hosting is acceptable such as for private websites that do not have to compete commercially with other businesses. What does free mean? A free web hosting option means you cannot have your own domain name; instead you will be given a sub domain that will be your username, followed by the company domain. You will have very restricted web space and bandwidth. This means you will have problems if your website wants to have videos and some pictures. In fact all multimedia will probably be problematic. The web host must make a profit, therefore your website will have third party advertisements appearing on it and you cannot decline having them. Personalisation will not be possible and your web tools will be severely limited. You will have what is termed as a “cookie cutter template” web hosting and website look. Few free web hosting options allow any uploading onto your website that comes from any external software. This is not a problem for most personal websites, but for business purposes this will cause problems. Business websites are characterised by professionalism and this is what builds trust with clients. Free web hosting is characterised by slow uploading speeds, third party advertisements and domain names that are impersonal. These are not factors that instil trust in clients. For web hosting that meets your needs, look to CWCS for cost effective yet highly reliable and feature-packed solutions. Our range of packages, from shared hosting to dedicated servers and every inbetween, can ensure your website stays online.

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