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How does web hosting affect your social media site?

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If your company has a social media site, this is the ideal platform for promoting your business. The site will ensure your target audience has a place to start active discussions based on common interests, helping you to forge meaningful relationships. A social media page will also provide an avenue for strategic marketing that responds directly to your audience’s needs.

However, social media tends to use a lot of server resources, particularly when it becomes popular. That is why you need a web hosting provider that offers the necessary resources and bandwidth for your social page.

What services do social media sites offer?

Before you scout for the perfect hosting provider, you need to figure out the services you want to extend to your target audience. A typical social media site provides the following services:

  • Friend system
  • Notification system or news feed
  • Photo gallery
  • Communications systems in the form of chat and email

You are free to add more services, such as custom applications, but this will complicate your site. It is prudent to remember that the more services you offer to your audience, the more server resources you will require. As your site get bigger and more popular, you will need to invest more effort and resources to maintain it. Therefore, you should look for a web hosting company that can provide scalable solutions as your requirements increase.

Finding the perfect web hosting

Whilst there are numerous web hosting companies, you need to be careful when choosing one for your social media site. Make sure that your provider can supply the following:

Speed: This is the key to a successful social networking site. Your target audience will want to communicate in real-time, and your site will have to be fast enough to facilitate this.

Remember, the speed of the site is affected by design and bandwidth. You should ensure that you work with your design team to optimise page loading whilst checking your provider’s bandwidth.

Stability: Anyone visiting your social media networking site should have the assurance of knowing that it will be available at all times. This is why Facebook is so successful. Visitors know that each time they access the site, they will not face any serious issues.

To facilitate this, make sure that your hosting company can guarantee uptime. The good news is that reliable hosting providers, like CWCS Managed Hosting, guarantee 100% uptime. This means that your social networking website will be stable and available to your target audience 24/7, 365 days a year.

Scalability: Although your site will probably seem quite niche in comparison to the giants of Twitter or Facebook, as the word about it spreads, the site’s membership will increase.

When you launch the site, you may not require a lot of server resources. As it grows, however, your requirements will change. So, you should look for a hosting company that can increase the resources based on your requirements. You can depend on hosting companies like CWCS Managed Hosting to scale the resources based on your needs and without disruption of services. You can opt for a dedicated server or VPS hosting to guarantee optimal hosting resources for your site.

Security: If you are running with social networking features, you will need a hosting provider who offers the best security to protect it at all times. Users should have confidence that their personal information will be safe and that they have the choice to decide what can be shared.

It is best to opt for a hosting company that provides state-of-the-art security, including firewall, protection from ransomware, DDoS attack mitigation and ISO accredited data centres. This will give your audience peace of mind and prevent external agents from hacking or pulling down your site.

Final thoughts

Now you know why web hosting is crucial for your social media site. Go ahead with a hosting provider such as CWCS who ticks these points and give your target audience a secure site to network and meet like-minded people.