Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Enterprise Load Balancer

Do you need the ultimate failover system? CWCS Managed Hosting has partnered with Barracuda to bring you our new, powerful load-balancing solution. It enables you to load balance and failover your websites and applications across our two privately owned data centres. We also have US and Canadian data centre facilities, which can be utilised.

  • Level 4 and Level 7 load balancing
  • Application attack and DDoS protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Content routing
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSL offloading
  • Cross-data centre load balancing
  • Intelligent Traffic Monitoring

What is Load Balancing?

CWCS’ Enterprise Load Balancer is highly secure service that supports even the most demanding workloads. It enables you to optimise the performance and reliability of your websites or applications by balancing the workload across multiple servers and data centres.


How does Load Balancing Work?

The Enterprise Load Balancer uses intelligent technology which enables traffic to be distributed across multiple servers that are located within our data centres in the UK, USA or Canada, offering a reliable failsafe solution. Having the traffic distributed over multiple sites increases the availability of the solution.

The Load Balancer also reduces the amount of strain on a single server and ensures all your data is securely stored across two or more data centres.

Surges in traffic can also cause performance issues and a single dedicated server may not be able to manage a surge in workload, depending on your resources available. These unexpected peaks in website traffic may overload your server and cause temporary disruption.

Our dedicated servers provide high levels of performance and uptime. However, when utilising our Enterprise Load Balancer, you are able to prepare for any peak in traffic. Planning in advance for what could potentially go wrong will keep your website protected from dangers of extreme strain on your resources.

Fully Integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Barracuda Load Balancer protects against application layer 7 attacks. The WAF ensures that non-legitimate traffic is blocked from accessing and attacking important web applications. Vulnerabilities in code are often subtle and hard to find, a serious data breach is often the first sign that a web application has problems. DDoS protection is also integrated into the Load Balancer and has the ability to granularly control the number of requests to protect against DDoS attacks. Traffic can be easily be identified and throttled or dropped based on IP or client.

How Secure is the Enterprise Load Balancer?

Both of CWCS Managed Hosting’s UK data centres are ISO 27001 certified. The Barracuda Load Balancer provides protection against a number of attacks. It also prevents data leakage by either masking or blocking responses containing sensitive information.

The security capabilities of the Barracuda Load Balancer are augmented by an extensive network of more than 150,000 sensors deployed worldwide that feed into Barracuda Labs. This allows for automatic updates and applies “virtual patches”, ensuring the highest security levels.

Why do I Need Load Balancing?

If you are using your dedicated server for mission critical hosting, then maximum availability is of prime importance. This is when a Load Balancer comes into its own.

Should there be a problem with your hardware, the Enterprise Load Balancer will divert traffic to the live server(s), which can be located at our other data centres to help mitigate any connection related issues, should they arise. This will minimise any potential disruption to your website.

The Barracuda Load Balancer also improves the user’s experience by increasing server response time through HTTP caching. Caching web content saves network bandwidth and reduces loads on backend web servers.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Load Balancing

  • Ensures consistent, optimum performance
  • Prevents server overload
  • Allows for peaks and troughs in traffic
  • Delivers a better customer/user experience
  • Increased Security
  • Reduces risk of downtime and improves reliability

Why Choose CWCS?

If you are using your dedicated server for mission critical hosting, then maximum availability is of prime importance. This is when a Load Balancer comes into its own.

CWCS use enterprise-grade Barracuda Load Balancers. The load balancing system greatly benefits your business by ensuring that your dedicated server performs at its very best. If you experience any peaks in traffic you can have total peace of mind that your service will be unaffected. This will greatly reduce loss of productivity and your customers’ confidence in your business.

To cope with long-lasting increases in demand, you can add more resources or additional servers at any time, with little downtime needed.

Our hosting specialists will set up your server load balancer to meet the needs of your application, website and business.

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