Service Level Agreement


Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Dedicated Servers

CWCS Managed Hosting’s Service Level Agreements are the benchmark of the UK hosting industry. We achieve excellent service and response levels because we have the very best hardware, infrastructure and technical staff. If a problem arises, we’ll diagnose it quickly (usually before you’re aware of it), and because we have specialists on site 24/7, we’ll get your server back up and running as soon as possible. We’ll reboot your server anytime you like, and replace any faulty hardware in less than an hour (normally much quicker!).

Transparent, efficient and effective

Fully comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) for dedicated servers from CWCS Managed Hosting include 100% Network Uptime Guarantees, Rapid Responses and Full Transparency.

Network Guarantee

Our network is designed from the inside out, specifically engineered to support a hosting infrastructure. As such, we can guarantee 100% availability of network resources at all times. We define availability of network resources as the routers, switches and associated cabling being online and moving your data efficiently.

Unlike most hosting companies, we are members of RIPE and run our own Autonomous Network to ensure that performance is always optimised for our customers’ servers. We run our network on state of the art Cisco equipment for total peace of mind.

All of our data centres have multiple connections to multiple redundant internet networks to ensure there is no single point of failure. Unlike most hosting companies, not only do we have multiple Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, all of our data centres also have dedicated diesel generators to ensure complete power availability. We run multiple, redundant monitoring systems to ensure that we are always aware of any performance glitches that may occur and are able to correct them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our network is intelligent and self-healing so any failure is immediately and seamlessly routed around. When we need to perform scheduled maintenance, we will give you as much notice as is possible and, apart from during maintenance slots, we guarantee that our network infrastructure will be available 100% of the time.

Hardware Guarantee

Unfortunately, sometimes server hardware can fail. Should this happen and not be fixable by our on-site engineers, we will replace the faulty hardware in less than an hour of diagnosing the fault.

We define server hardware as the CPU(s), memory, power supply unit, hard disk(s), RAID controllers, network interface cards and motherboards. If your server has a RAID array, we will start rebuilding that as soon as the hard disk has been replaced. We will even reinstall the operating system and managed applications if you are a managed service customer.

If something that we have provided as a part of your service fails, we will replace it at our cost.

Support Guarantee

Once our engineers are aware of a problem with a customer’s server, we will be begin to rectify it within 15 minutes. Should we not be able to fix the problem within this time, we will work with you closely to ensure we keep you informed of what we are doing.

Free Reboots

Should it be required, we will reboot your server for you any time of the day or night.

24/7/365 Telephone Support

All our technical support staff are based at our UK data centres and, as a dedicated server customer, you have unrestricted access to them and their knowledge and experience. You can call them anytime and they will make sure you are impressed by our service.

You can contact us by telephone or email; its up to you. We are Microsoft partners and have great experience with many flavours of Linux, so our experts know how to assist in most cases.

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ISO 27001 Certified

Compliant to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013, CWCS is independently audited for your assurance that you will receive the highest level of quality, and will ensure your information secure, intact, and only available to those authorised to access it.

G-Cloud Supplier

The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by public-sector bodies in departments of the UK Government of commodity information technology services using cloud computing.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials certifiication demonstrates our commitment to cyber security. Government and industry have worked together to produce a set of standards which helps organisations safeguard against the most common cyber threats.

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