Control Panel Add-Ons

Control Panel Add Ons

Add-Ons for cPanel and Plesk

When it comes to choosing a control panel for your hosting, it’s important to consider what your own needs are going to be. The two leading control panels are cPanel and Plesk, and although similar in many ways they also have a few key differences which will likely mean that one will be more suitable for your business over the other.



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  • Available only for Linux
  • The most widely used web hosting control panel
  • Create and automate all server management tasks
  • Reseller centre interface which allows you to choose which features you want to be accessible to your customers
  • Powerful email and calendar capabilities including shared calendars and spam protection
  • Securely backup and transfer web files from within the cPanel interface
  • Multiple security options to secure your server at every level
  • Advanced server monitoring tools

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  • Available for both Linux and Windows
  • Easily customisable interface
  • Clutter free, and simple to navigate, making it suitable for all levels of experience
  • Large variety of administrator tools
  • Server task automation and simplified setup procedures
  • The ability to create scheduled full and incremental backups, and roll back changes to your website and database easily
  • Mobile app which allows you to manage your server on the go
  • Automated healing and recovery functionality with self-repair tools


To allow you to customise your hosting experience even further, CWCS now offer a number of powerful add-ons that are available for both control panel options. Keep scrolling to read more about the different add-on choices available.


LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop in replacement for Apache and is 100% compatible. Through conserving resources without sacrificing performance, can double your maximum capacity. LiteSpeed is fully compatible with cPanel and Plesk and is great for increasing performance for busy websites. LiteSpeed can also reduce your hardware costs, as it’s better at handling the load of a busy website it can reduce how often you need to add more resources to your server as your business grows.




Imunify360 is an automated security solution that protects web servers from infections and maintains secure kernels. It offers powerful and complete protection for your server through sophisticated detection of known and unknown threats, including zero-day and distributed force attacks. It continuously analyses scripts, picking up on dangerous behaviours in real time, and stopping malware from running on your server in the first place. The automatic and proactive approach to protection that Imunify360 offers gives you complete peace of mind for the security of your server.

Imunify 360



Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel which installs all scripts in just one step. Softaculous has 450 scripts over multiple categories and more are still being added. It allows you to install scripts like WordPress, Joomla, SMF, Drupal and hundreds more in one step. Softaculous itself can be installed in seconds. You can also perform complex functions such as database or website backups with one click and apply updates to scripts as soon as they are available.




KernelCare is supported on all Linux operating systems and ensures that you never miss security patches, and that your kernels are always up to date without requiring a reboot. It applies security patches automatically to a running kernel. Because the live installation of security patches takes nanoseconds, it doesn’t alter the server performance.


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