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Monday 2 June 2014


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Get ready for the explosion of the new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)! In what is one of the biggest shake-ups since the internet began, the new domains are part of a rapid expansion of the original top-level domains that we all know and use, such as .com, and .net. With a three year staggered plan, the number of new gTLDs are predicted to be over 1,400.

Benefits of the New Top Level Domain Names

Over the past year a number of interesting, wacky and purely eye catching new gTLD name extensions have been released. Domains such as .shoes and .plumbing, can help consumers associate your brand with a specific area of expertise. If you’re in the fashion business, then .clothing may just be the one you need to make an impact!

For businesses looking to increase their local brand exposure, the eagerly anticipated geographical gTLDs such as .UK, .london* and .wales are ideal.

Do The New Domains Present Any Risks?

As well as providing benefits, the new wave of gTLDs also present the risk of fraud and damage to your brand. If you want to secure your brand, then it is important that you claim the associated gTLDs. You are able to keep track of this by registering your trademark to Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), specifically set up by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). For more information on this, see their application guide. They send alerts to the registered brands when someone else has attempted to register their brand. Certain registrars also allow you to block your brand, normally for a hefty fee!

Sunrise Period

The Sunrise period is an exclusive period of time prior to general registration when the owners of Intellectual Property (IP), such as Trademark holders, have an opportunity to register their desired names for the latest gTLDs. It is a service provided by the ICANN registry to protect the rights of Intellectual Property owners.

Examples of branded gTLDs in the application process are .transformers, .lego and .xperia (by Sony).

Certain big brands and registrars (companies who buy and sell TLDs) are vying to claim hundreds of the new gTLDs. Brands are aiming to gain ownership rights so nobody else can take advantage or harm their brand. Branded gTLDs such as have been snapped up by non-affiliated parties. These are also known as “Cybersquatters”.

How to buy Generic Top Level Domain Names

To register a domain with CWCS Managed Hosting, visit our domain checker.

At CWCS, you can now get the full range of gTLDs, and get the new ones as soon as they become available. With our automated payment system, you can be assured that your domain renewal is in safe hands. Our payment process is automated, so all payments are quick and easy to make.

More extensions are becoming available over the coming months, so keep your eyes open!

.UK Launches on 10th June

As you may or may not be aware of, the anticipated launch of the new gTLD, .UK is on 10th June, 2014. If you own the version you have first refusal of the .UK domain. Don’t worry though, you have until 2019 to decide if you want it. Until then, it will be reserved for free. It is only when you decide to take the .UK gTLD that you will need to make payment.

For information on when new gTLDs become available to order, then visit the ICANN website.

If you have any queries contact


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Generic Top Level Domain Names

How do I buy the new gTLDs?

We will make the gTLDs available as soon as they are released. Visit to check availability and purchase.

How much do the new gTLDs cost?

Prices vary for each gTLD. For a prices, use our domain registration tool:

Do I have first refusal over the new .uk gTLDs?

Yes. If you own the domain, then you have automatic first claim of the new gTLD. You have until 7:59am on 10th June 2019 to take the .uk domain. It will be reserved for FREE until this date for the counterpart. If you fail to purchase your reserved .uk gTLD by this date, it will be available to purchase to the general market.

Do I have to buy the .uk domain straight away?

No. If you own the domain, then you have automatic first claim of the new gTLD. It will be reserved for you for 5 years. You are under no obligations to purchase this domain. If, after the 5 years (7:59am on 10th June 2019) you haven’t registered your domain with the new, it will be made available to the general market.

How do I transfer my domain to the new .uk domain?

Once you have registered your new .uk domain, you simply contact the CWCS billing department to get this transferred.

I am a new registrant, do I have the right to the .uk domain?

If you purchased your domain after 23:59 on 28th October 2013 then you’re not eligible to have the .uk domain reserved for you. You will have to purchase this too.

How can I protect my brand?

ICANN have set up the new Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) specifically for brands who wish to protect themselves. Applications can be made through ICANN to gain the rights to branded gTLDs such as For companies wishing to protect their brand (for example:, there are companies who check if a registration has been made for your domain extension and alert you.

When are the new gTLDs available?

New gTLDs are coming out thick and fast! You can keep up-to-date on the ICANN website. Otherwise, check the CWCS registration tool for the latest ones.

*.London is currently not available for general purchase until 9th September 2014.

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