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Countdown of the Richest People in Tech

The world of technology is one that is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs and start ups to strike it big. Many of the richest people in the world today got their start as hobbyist coders creating exciting projects in their bedrooms or garages. This informative infographic, tells the stories of some of those creative geniuses who’ve gone on to become technology billionaires.


1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is perhaps the most well known tech billionaire, with a net worth of a massive $76 billion, up $9 billion on his 2013 figure. The Microsoft founder once imagined a world where every household owned a computer powered by Microsoft technology and he set out to make that happen. A famed college drop-out, Gates gave up his Havard studies to set up Microsoft with friend Paul Allen in 1975.  Gates stepped down as the Microsoft Chairman in February but continues to work on many of the companies big innovations and remains the tech giant’s largest shareholder.


2. Larry Ellison

In second place is Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, worth $48 billion. Oracle isn’t as well known outside of technology circles as Microsoft, Apple or Google, but without Ellison’s genius many of the systems we use today would not exist. Oracle databases are the powerhouse behind many of the systems we rely on during our day to day life. Ellison also owns stakes in a number of other technology and pharmaceutical companies as well as 98% of a Hawaiian island!


3. Larry Page

Google’s co-founder Larry Page is next on the rich list. His net worth is $32 billion, thanks to a great year for Google’s stock performance. Page owns almost 24 million Class B shares in the search giant, who’s stock is trading at record highs – up 50% on 2013 figures! A keen advocate of clean and renewable energy, Page has invested in Tesla motors.



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