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Hybrid cloud model increasingly attractive, study reveals

Hybrid cloud computing, which mixes internal security procedures with some of the elements of open sourced technology, is starting to become more and more important, with over 40% of businesses now having adopted this IT model, according to the results of a survey of more than 326 senior decision makers at big companies across the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The report, named “Adoption of Cloud,” also demonstrates that financial services are by far the keenest sector when it comes to adopting hybrid cloud computing; 64% of the companies surveyed claim that they are intending to migrate to this model, in comparison to just 40% for manufacturing and 37% for retail.  The former figure of 40% also happens to be the average for planned adoption of the hybrid option across all of industry.

When it comes to the private cloud, which is able to ensure better security but lacks the same cost cutting benefits or flexibility that can be provided by outsourcers, this saw 69% of survey respondents claiming that they are intending to adopt this model.  Cost savings and productivity gains (25% and 37% respectively) are the main reasons why companies want to adopt cloud computing in any of its forms.

Perhaps the most interesting of the survey’s findings is the revelation of the increasing attractiveness of the hybrid cloud, with greater efficiencies and connections being looked for beyond the boundaries of the internal company and across all sectors.  The hybrid cloud model can be of assistance due to the fact that it can be used by internal corporate treasuries in order to aid straight through processing in account payable or receivables as well as connectivity, plus processing vendors can often offer less expensive options when this route has been followed and others allowed in, so long as it is possible to establish a secure environment.  The hybrid option can also assist with electronic invoicing when it comes to the supply chain, although it is, of course, still possible to use closed systems there.  The same applies for both local and worldwide banks and the way in which they interact with their corporate clients.

Around 56% of the respondents of the survey are either engaging or have contemplated engaging the services of an external service provider in order to assist them with the development of their strategy for cloud computing, as well as its adoption and implementation.

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