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Cloud computing gains more ground

The cloud computing market in the United States has grown very quickly into widespread usage.  Seventy-eight percent of large- and medium-sized enterprises are testing or already using a cloud hosting solution, a big rise from 58% last year.  On average cloud stands at about 4% as a percentage of enterprise IT with its use now an inch deep, a mile wide and spreading very fast.

WaveLength Market Analytics and Winn Technology Group has conducted new research, a study entitled The Continuing Enterprise Cloud Computing Evolution, which shows that this year saw the emergence of a whole new segment in the form of the multi-cloud users.  They comprise of around 19% of the market, known as Cloud Pros.  Other segments include those known as Cloud Pioneers (59%) who actively use or pilot a cloud, as well as Cloud Planners (12%) who have cloud plans and Stragglers (10%) who have no plans at all.

“The enterprise cloud market and segments have quickly evolved,” says Natalie Robb from WaveLength Market Analytics.  “Today’s meaningful question is no longer if cloud is used but rather how much.  Last year cloud users said they expected 28 percent of IT to be cloud based by 2015, and now they expect around 35 percent.  Knowing what sets Cloud Pros and Pioneers apart is crucial for technology and telecom firms to advance technologies and reach buyers.”

There were a number of other key findings in the Wavelength/Winn report, including the fact that Pros invested in network performance improvements in order to prepare for cloud hosting, while Pioneers invested in security and storage.  Also according to the report with 48% of cloud users, human resources applications have overtaken email and CRM as the cloud’s most common enterprise application.  The largest increase in infrastructure and enterprise cloud service usage is desktop applications, which have grown from 6% in 2011 to almost 26% this year, and disaster recovery and back-up, which grew from 17% to 38%.

The Continuing Enterprise Cloud Computing Evolution talks about the broad trends of the always changing cloud computing market, examining the penetration of different service deployment models as well as cloud enterprise application adoption and projects to prepare for deployment.  Winn Technology Group was responsible for the collection of the data for the study, with Wavelength Market Analytics undertaking the analysis of the information.

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