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Where will cloud computing head next year?

Analysts are predicting a trend toward the moving of IT from being actually on company premises to off-premises, as well as new cloud hosting applications and increased spending on cloud computing services over the course of next year.  Matthew Oostveen, the Head of Research for IDC, says that cloud computing has matured over 2012 and as a result more and more organisations are beginning to be interested in shifting their IT infrastructure from being on company premises to being somewhere offsite instead.

Oostveen says that there was something of a feeling of cloud fatigue this year, with 2012 being the year that there was the sense that everyone had had enough of hearing about cloud.  At the same time, however, Oostveen also believes that people are beginning to see the potential of cloud computing and look at the whole field with a greater maturity than was previously the case.  One thing that does seem to be absolutely certain is that there is a migration taking place where computing that has been on premises is now being relocated to off premises.  This may begin in incremental stages with the gradual uptake of co-location services, with those co-location services obviously being supported by the mass influx of brand new data centres all over the market.

The predictions of Rodney Geddas, the Senior Analyst for Telsyte, echoes the views expressed by Oostveen.  Geddas believes that cloud hosting services are set to mature over the course of 2013 and will continue to be made use of as a replacement for infrastructure that is actually on company premises as well being an option for service delivery, he says.

Geddas also goes on to say that there will be a greater amount of innovation when it comes to the development and testing of applications in 2013, with many more new cloud applications expected to be released into the marketplace next year.  Gedda says that his company is anticipating that we will see a number of new kinds of applications delivered on the cloud, as well as a greater variety of options for where data can be hosted, plus the kind of infrastructure on which it can be hosted, as well as the arrival of more services that provide enterprise grade application hosting.  Delitte Consulting’s Tech Leader, Robert Hillard, is also expecting the arrival of some very strong enterprise grade services next year.

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