Cloud computing not so scary nowadays

Tuesday 14 August 2012


Cloud computing isn’t so scary these days as far as companies and their CIOs are concerned.  A brand new survey of as many as 785 companies has found that just 3% now regard it as being too risky, a decrease from the 11% recorded last year.  Just 12% believe that the cloud hosting platform is too immature, another fall from as much as 26% in 2011.  Even more encouragingly, as much as 50% of those surveyed now say that they have “complete confidence” as far as the cloud goes; a massive rise from just 13% in 2011.  From another perspective, one could argue that that means half of those surveyed are still uncomfortable with cloud hosting, but the fact nonetheless remains that cloud is increasingly finding its way into the day-to-day business world.  There was a great deal of industry support behind the survey, with the bottom line being the reality that cloud computing is now just viewed as a normal method of going about implementing software solutions.

That is not to say that the survey was completely positive, however.  The primary inhibitor to adoption within the burgeoning cloud servers marketplace continues to be concerns over security, with as many as 55% of those responding to the survey pointing to it as a source of worry.  Thirty-eight percent are also concerned about the implications of regulatory compliance, with 32% also worried about vendor lock in.  Intriguingly perhaps, issues such as expenses and pricing are actually close to the bottom of the list of deal-breaking fears.

Also of interest is the fact that this year there are fewer respondents than was the case in 2011 who believe that cloud hosting helps to lower the full cost of ownership of applications and systems, a fall from 57% to 53%.  It is possible that the monthly rental of applications may have incurred greater scrutiny in terms of the long term cumulative costs, which on occasion compare somewhat unfavourably to actually purchasing and maintaining systems on site.  It is also the case that lowering TCO is not a good reason to move to cloud, with other gains being just as important, such as achieving heightened analytic processing of large data, more flexibility, better customer service, greater agility, faster time to market and better business process improvement.

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