Cyber threat un-concerning to Brits

Wednesday 6 June 2012


Cyber attacks happen with more frequency, but many remain unconcerned by them.  As a business owner it is in your best interest to keep abreast of the changes in the cyber world to protect your clients.  One company recently conducted a survey to determine how concerned Brits are over recent cyber threats.  It was revealed that the concern is at a six-year low.  Only about 97 out of 300 polled were concerned, and this is lower than the national average.

One of the important statements made in the report is that businesses are waking up to the issues the internet can cause.  It means they are more diligent in their security to ensure the safety of their clients.  It also helps make their clients feel more secure because these business owners are focusing on security with better protection and prevention measures in place.  On the whole, the entire IT network is more secure in the public eye.

A discussion at the beginning of the year actually cited employees as the biggest security threat since many of them tend to surf the net during their breaks or even during work times.  Companies that have worked to stop this by creating security measures such as parental controls for sites that can be visited have certainly reduced some of the threats.

It is especially important for companies to have up-to-date security in order to prevent attacks.  The internet has changed to cloud hosting and cloud servers.  This means that many of the files are saved online rather than on the computer or an external backup.  It can create a security breach if the cloud host is broken into.  Things such as this are a small cause for concern only in companies that use online cloud options without the proper security.  For companies willing to invest in the proper IT personnel and also proper security measures it will mean safety for all their clients.

Clients have to come first in a company in order to succeed.  Any business owner should make certain they are doing everything possible to keep client information confidential no matter what they use, such as cloud services, dedicated servers or back up files with handwritten information.  Cyber threats are real, so making certain to prevent any break in the virtual security is imperative for a company to succeed.  Business owners who know this are likely to be more successful.

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