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Global firms form alliance to drive cloud standards

The Open Data Alliance centre has been created by some of the world’s largest companies to standardise the world of cloud computing. The Open Data Alliance, which includes around 70 global firms, are working together for a new standard in technology. The companies involved, including UBS, Shell, Marriott Hotels and BMW, make up a large … more

Protecting your Website from Hackers

With cyber-crime on the increase, it’s becoming more important than ever to keep your website secure. The main threat against websites is hacking, or intrusion into a computer by a person or persons who do not have permission to enter. Hackers may simply want to maliciously deface your content for the fun of it, or … more

Why does speed matter to Google?

Speed now plays an important part in your search engine rankings as Google have now factored website loading time into their search engine algorithm. It is now vital that your website is hosted with a professional managed hosting company who can guarantee 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth for your dedicated server. According to Google’s Webmaster … more

Colocation, or Having your Cake and Eating it

Colocation, at first sight, is a bit of a puzzling word with echoes of reality TV programmes and city folk finding homes in the country. However, in the web hosting world, colocation is an arrangement that lets you use your own hardware but in a secure environment, housed in a location separate from your place … more

What Makes a Bad Website?

If you are going to all the trouble to devise a domain name, create a website, find a suitable web hosting company, and launch a brand new site, you doubtless want to make it the best it can be. However, it’s only too easy to make some mistakes, or just simple slips along the way. … more

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Secure Hosting: CWCS is ISO 27001 Certified

We are a Secure Hosting provider. Our ISO 27001 certification applies to all areas of our business, and gives you assurance that we keep your information secure, intact, and only available to those authorised to see it.

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