How to upload your website once you have web hosting

Saturday 4 April 2009


So you have designed your site, registered a domain and bought hosting. Now you need to get your website uploaded to your hosting space so it can be seen by the world.

The easiest way to do this is by using FTP software to upload the files to your hosting space.

What is FTP?

FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol allows the transfer and manipulation of files over the internet. Your web hosting account includes an FTP server, which allows you to upload and download files, to and from FTP client software running on your computer.

So what do I need?

You will need FTP client software, and connection details for your hosting account. There are many FTP programs available (you can find many free and commercial ones in your favourite search engine), however in the following examples we will use FileZilla, a free open source FTP client available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

Once you have downloaded and installed your FTP software, you can begin to upload your site. With the software running, you will need to open a connection to the server.

Get set up

Go to the File menu and click on Site Manager. The Site Manager allows you to store the connection details for multiple ftp sites.

Click on New connection, then enter the connection details:

Hostname – this is normally or the server IP address
Username – your ftp username
Password – your ftp password

Click on the connect button, it will save the settings and connect to the server.

Ready to upload

All being well, you should now be connected to the server. Under the message log the window is split horizontally, the left side is your computer’s file system and on the right you should see your home directory on the ftp server.

If your account has just been set up, a default index.html will have been created, you will need to remove this. On the remote server, select index.html and press delete.

You should now be ready to upload your files to the httpdocs directory, you can do this by locating the files on your system and dragging then dropping them into the httpdocs directory. This will then start to upload the files to the server. If you selected directories, these will be automatically created on the server for you.

At the very bottom of the FileZilla window is the transfer queue. This will empty as the files are uploaded, and your site should be ready for viewing.

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