Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Thursday 16 October 2008


Internet advertising is a way of reaching out to a massive audience targeting a specific market. Within the past 10 years the growth of the Internet has caused many large businesses to resort to spending thousands each year on internet marketing. Many businesses even rely on the Internet as their only form of advertising, and are entirely Internet based.

What can the Internet bring to my business?

Whatever type of business you run, using the Internet as a marketing tool will ensure you portray your message effectively to your targeted audience. Remember, the Internet is always available and just about every business now has access to it.

Think of the Internet as a worldwide community with everyone involved contributing towards it. The possibilities for Internet marketing are endless; with pay per click schemes, you can choose your own budget. You only pay for each visitor that links to your website, this new method in advertising is revolutionary. Advertising on a pay as you go basis not only ensures you do get visitors, it also ensures you stick to your budget.

What pay per click schemes are available?

Google are leading within the Internet industry at the moment with the rapid growth of their search engine. It only makes sense to do business with a recognised company with the largest amount of Internet traffic. Google AdWords allows customers to advertise on premium space which guarantees hits to your website, and if it doesn’t generate hits… you don’t pay for it!

Google AdWords is not a new form of marketing to many, although new businesses moving towards the Internet for advertising could possibility be put off by the lack of understanding and cost. This is where we can help your business…

We are offering free Google AdWords to every new customer signing up to a new hosting package. With £30.00 worth of Google AdWords you can experience Google advertising for no additional cost to your business. Every hosting plan includes general statistics on each unique visitor to your website. By monitoring statistics you can review how the advertising has improved your website traffic.

We don’t just stop there, for a total customer marketing experience. We now are offering £50.00 worth of Microsoft adCenter with all hosting packages. Use your Pay Per Click vouchers effectively to give your business a boost, taking advantage of Internet marketing from all angles.

To find out what we can do for you and your business, please find contact CWCS.

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