Choosing The Most Suitable Web Hosting – Shared Web Hosting v Dedicated Web Hosting

Tuesday 5 August 2008


With so many hosting products available on the market it’s not so easy to determine the best hosting solution for your site; it is important you get this right as your web sites presence depends on having a reliable host and package.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Imagine you have booked a room in a hotel; you don’t own the building but you have sole use of your room for the duration of your stay. You also have access to all shared facilities available to you as a customer, but you can’t change the décor or dodge the queue for your continental breakfast. Just like real life, if your hotel is choc-a-block you’ll find it takes longer to get around and get served.

Shared hosting is pretty similar, you will rent space on our server and will have access to all the standard account features, other customers will do the same; so you will share the machine with them.

Shared hosting is a cost effective way of getting your site online, especially when it is in its infancy. You will find as your site and business grows your requirements and priorities change, and another hosting solution may be better for you. At CWCS we will look after you from day one, and ensure you are always on the right package as your business grows.

Why choose Shared Web Hosting?

• A cost effective solution, ideal for company websites with low to medium traffic.
• Feature rich hosting without large software licensing costs.
• Short term hosting with no minimum contract length, ideal for newcomers, seasonal advertising or one-off events.
• Personal/non-profit or charity website hosting, shared hosting is usually ideal.

Sound like this is what you need? Then go for it. View our shared web hosting packages!

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Is sharing not for you? Perhaps you would like full control over your space and would prefer a bit of privacy? So you buy your own house, you can decorate it how you want, manage it how you want and do what you like when you like. Freedom!

A dedicated server is pretty much the same, you rent your own machine from us of which you have full control and full use of its resources, no annoying people to share with. So you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your manor. .

Why choose dedicated hosting?

• A dedicated solution is ideal for business critical hosting.
• Flexibility, you may have strict requirements as your website design is unique or dynamic.
• Performance, a smooth browsing experience is essential to your customers. Information needs to be displayed instantly when it’s requested.
• Your website needs to operate smoothly whilst a high number of simultaneous users are browsing the website.
• Website uptime is critical – please take a look at our dedicated servers service level agreement.

Without hosting your site and business wouldn’t be online, so it is important to invest comparatively as your business grows. Keep us updated as your business and requirements change so we can ensure you are always making the best of your site.

Check out our dedicated server packages.

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