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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Which Will Serve You Better?

Initially, the majority of people starting an online business will select shared web hosting because it is much lower in price and will not take too much of your monthly budget, which may be tight. In the early days of building a business shared hosting will give you a satisfactory service until your traffic volumes start to increase and the demands on your server become too much.

When your website starts to be significantly affected by the problems on other websites, you will probably have to consider upgrading to a dedicated server. The only major disadvantage to this is the potential cost, because if you are still in the developmental stage of your business you may not require all the resources a dedicated server can provide.

Another solution is a virtual dedicated server, which is one server split up into several virtual servers, all with their own resources. With virtual dedicated server hosting, you are receiving the benefits of a dedicated server such as your own resources but at a much lower cost. The security is also higher than with conventional web hosting as you can’t be affected by any problems with another website.

Here at CWCS we offer four different service levels of virtual dedicated server so that you can choose the package that will meet your requirements at this time. You can upgrade to another service level at any time if you find that your current level isn’t adequate.

Virtual dedicated servers can offer excellent value, as long as you purchase from a company that offers you a good support service as well as choice of service level.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Choosing a Good Domain Name

Before you choose your domain name or name your website, you might want to consider the following:

1.Your Domain Name Should Be Your Website Name

This may seem an obvious point to make but having a business name that is different from your domain name can cause marketing issues with potential customers.

What if you cannot get the domain name of your choice? It really depends on how committed you are to that particular name. If you have an existing brand name that you’re known for, you’ll probably not want to ditch that name just because you couldn’t get the domain name. After all, it took you a lot of time and money to establish that name. If so, you might simply want to try to buy over the domain name from the current owner. Check up the “whois” information for the domain, and contact that person listed to see if they’re willing to sell it. You probably should be aware that they are likely to want to charge a higher fee than you’ll normally get when buying new domains (assuming they want to sell it in the first place)

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, you might prefer the cheaper alternative of trying to obtain a domain name first, and then naming your website (or business) after the domain that you’ve acquired.

2. Generic/Brand names

These are unlikely ever to come available for example they are also as the title suggests generic and not business specific to you so choosing something related is the best way to go about it. For example gives you the area and the service.

Established brand names or similar names to them should really be avoided as this can lead to legal action as an obvious example registering new–york– will only lead one way.

3. Long or Short Domain Names or Hyphenated Names?

Shorter names are preferable however as most of these are now taken a well thought out business related domain can be useful for example . There is no right or wrong way but it must be business related and hopefully hint at what your website represents. Hyphenated names are a useful way of getting the domain you are after however more than one hyphen can be awkward to type and in most cases can just lead to people remembering the sites without the hyphen leading them to a different/competitors website.

4. COM, ORG, NET, etc?

One common question I encounter is from people who can’t get the “.com” domain of their choice, but find the “.net”, “.org” or other country-specific top level domains (TLDs) available (like .de, .nu, .sg, etc). Should they try for these?

The general rule of thumb is for local business or a country specific business country specific domains are advised for example the uk use .
For a international audience or US a .com is advised

Another school of thought finds that “.net” and “.org” extensions are actually quite acceptable domain names. For some, the “.org” extension actually describes the non-profit nature of their organisation. So, for example, the famous Apache web server can be found at “”.

5. In conclusion…

The ideal scenario in the current climate would be to obtain the domain first before deciding on your business name as most short or generic names are taken. Retrofitting your domain to your business can be a hassle and become expensive when chasing down a specific domain.

Having your country specific domain is advised and for those attempting to reach a broader audience a .com domain as well.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Making The Move

When you initially start an online business, it may be the case that you don’t have a large amount of technical knowledge about your website and how it is hosted. Therefore you may take a recommendation from someone else for your web hosting, or may even just use the cheapest service. As your business grows and develops you will start to outgrow the shared web hosting you had initially as you start to require larger resources and greater security options.

A higher traffic volume means more customers will be purchasing from you and if you accept payments online you will need to ensure security measures are in place. You will also require your website to be running all day and night, as if your website is inaccessible to your customers they will move on to another website, losing you potentially valuable custom.

A dedicated server will give you greater security with additional resources belonging to you. You will be responsible for any technical problems that arise with your server, so should ensure that the hosting company you select has a reliable support team. Here at CWCS we recommend our managed service with dedicated servers to assist you with the daily operation of your server. You will have your own personal accounts manager who is available to answer any queries and give you advice when required.

Choosing a company that can give technical support is a necessity for many business owners as it not only means that your business will be giving maximum performance, but also that using a managed hosting service will leave you free to deal with other important business issues.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Windows Or Linux?

For many of us, starting a business is a complicated process with all the accounts to keep. In the early days of an online business you have to concentrate on optimising your website for the search engines so that you will gradually increase your daily traffic.

As your daily traffic volume increases and you start to gain customers, you will probably be concentrating on other aspects of your business, such as email marketing and other advertising methods. As your business really starts to see some success this is the time when you may have to consider upgrading your hosting package from shared to dedicated server hosting.

If when you started your online business you didn’t have much knowledge of servers and web hosting, the chances are that you still don’t know which web hosting will benefit your business to the maximum. Here at CWCS we have an experienced team of professionals who are here to help you decide whether you are ready to upgrade to dedicated server hosting, and also whether you should choose Windows or Linux as your operating system. There are many advantages and some disadvantages to both systems, and we can help you to decide which system will benefit your business the most.

When you select a hosting provider, it is imperative that you choose a company that has a team of specialists able to help you with your diverse queries. Even deciding which server option is the most suitable can be a decision that significantly influences the success of your business.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Cost-Effective Solution

Shared web hosting is a perfectly adequate solution for a new business or a business that has a limited amount of daily traffic, but as your business expands and starts to experience increased web traffic, you may start to worry about security issues and extra costs for higher data transfer. As you are allocated a limited amount of resources with shared web hosting you will have to pay extra for higher usage until the facility is no longer suitable for your business.

Dedicated server hosting is a solution to consider for any business with high traffic as well as security issues. For instance, any business who accepts payments on the website or who collects sensitive data from customers must be aware of security risks. Under the Data Protection Act you have a duty of care to your customers to keep their confidential information secure. With a dedicated server you have additional resources and high security as you have complete control of the server.

Upgrading to a dedicated server can sometimes require greater technical knowledge which can pose a problem if you are not an expert in the relevant IT issues. Here at CWCS we offer twenty four hour support as well as your own personal account manager. They are available for all your technical problems and also give advice when required.

Admittedly, upgrading to a dedicated server is quite a large step to take, but if your business is expanding significantly you will need the security of your website being available at all times.

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